• 1st Row Left To Right: (1) Bring donuts to the local fire station; (2) Put quarters in expiring meters; (3) Gather and return loose carts in the store parking lot; (4) Bring coloring books to a children’s hospital;


  • 2nd Row Left To Right: (5) Tape a bag of quarters to a vending machine; (6) Hold the door open and assist an elderly person; (7) Donate books to a local charity; (8) Surprise your mail carrier with a bottle of water and baked goodies;


  • 3rd Row Left To Right: (9) Take out (or bring in) your neighbor’s trash cans; (10) Let someone go ahead of you in line; (11) Spend 30 minutes picking up trash and throwing it away; (12) Hand out coins to kids at a wishing well or fountain;


  • 4th Row Left To Right: (13) Send a thank you letter to a veteran or active member of our military; (14) Hold the elevator for someone rushing to get in; (15) Donate food to your local food pantry; and (16) Start a piggy bank for a cause.


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SuperKind is currently live on Kickstarter. It’s a personalized product that transforms your child into the Superhero we’ve been waiting for. And an adorable 6 year old is the driving force behind it! Check it out at KindKickstarter.com #SuperKindClub

Turn your child into a Superhero saving the world with kindness with SuperKind. You’ll love their cute video starring 6 year old entrepreneur Eva and her 1st grade classmates. Check it out at KindKickstarter.com #SuperKindClub

Here’s an innovative product created to combat bullying in our schools. With SuperKind, your child becomes a Superhero saving the world with kindness. Check out their cute video starring 6 year old entrepreneur Eva and her 1st grade classmates at KindKickstarter.com Free Digital Version also available. #SuperKindClub

This must be the cutest Kickstarter ever created by the youngest entrepreneur. 6 year old Eva is trying to create a community of SuperKind hereos with this innovative personalized product. Learn more at KindKickstarter.com #SuperKindClub

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A Superhero that battles bullying with kindness. Get yours at KindKickstarter.com #SuperKindClub

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Join The SuperKind Revolution Where Your Child Can Change The World at KindKickstarter.com #SuperKindClub

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Check out our Kickstarter video!

SuperKind is a personalized product aimed at spreading random acts of kindness (“R.A.O.K”) around the world. Each SuperKind set includes (1) 16 custom kindness cards; (2) 16 custom stickers; and (3) a SuperKind certificate to affix the stickers. The cards and stickers feature your child’s face and name.

It is our goal to inspire a new generation of everyday heroes who unite the world with the power of kindness.

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